• Erin Thomas, Career Coach

The Job Market is HOT!

Updated: 5 days ago

In the wake of the pandemic, the country is starting to open up again and showing promising signs that the worst may be behind us. This is especially true for job seekers, as we’re seeing a surging demand for workers from businesses across the country.

According to new data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “There were more than 6.7 million posted private-sector job openings in February. That’s up from 6.1 million as recently as December. In fact, the number of private-sector job openings in February — excluding companies looking to recall temporarily furloughed workers — was the highest it’s been since January 2019. Put another way, there were 8% more job openings in February 2021 than there were in February 2020.”

This is very different from how the job market recovered after other recent downturns, such as the early 2000s and the financial crisis of 2008, when the job market fell by more than 40% and took years to recover.

Another example of this hot job market is Amazon's new Best Fit Program, which asks candidates to apply just once to be considered for thousands of jobs, and if they pass the interview they'll ultimately get to decide which job they'd like. This is just one way companies are vying for talent in an increasingly competitive employee market.

Also in our midst are the waves of employees rethinking their careers in pursuit of something

that aligns more with their values and needs. Workforce analysts are predicting huge increases in employee turnover in the coming months, leaving their jobs open to the marketplace. In fact, a recent study by Fast Company reported 52% of US professionals are considering a job change post-pandemic. That is more than 164 million people, and more importantly, more than 164 million jobs.

With this in mind, there’s much to be optimistic about if you’re in the job hunt. And don't worry, there are ideal jobs out there for everyone. The first step is to know which jobs will advance your career in the direction of your true North.