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I work with professionals who are unclear about where they should go or what their next step is in their career. Together, we work to clarify career goals, unique strengths, talents and values, and uncover barriers that are  getting in the way. We develop a career North Star and outline the strategies required to reach your goals.


I work with professionals at all stages in their leadership, emerging, mid-level or executive, and support  leadership development to increase effectiveness in your current job or workplace. We outline goals, uncover leadership challenges and clarify your authentic leadership stance. 

My career and leadership coaching services typically focus on three areas:

1. Self discovery

Together we uncover your unique values, strengths and motivations. I use psychometric tools support this discovery, such as Clifton Strengths, Predictive Index, True Purpose, and more. With this clarity, you will see which jobs and environments leverage your unique qualities and support your success. These tools also help you understand your authentic leadership so you amplify what is working in your leadership, rather than what isn't.

2. Challenges/Barriers

I point to and identify when underlying limiting beliefs emerge. These beliefs are usually the challenges that keep us from finding your next job and/or being most effective in your leadership. We explore what they are, where they come from, and how they get in your way. Once we do this, they aren't hard to change (thank goodness for neuroplasticity), making way for a powerful transformation of your beliefs, which inform your behaviors and actions.

3. Action 

We co-create goals and benchmarks, so you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. I act as your accountability partner to keep you on track. ​


10-session or 6-session package: We meet bi-monthly for 6 or 10 sessions over the course of three to six months. Meetings take place over the phone or live video and I give you homework in between sessions. You also receive access to my full suite of resources and tools.​

Discover Your Career Purpose 6-week online group program: We meet every Friday for six weeks and I teach you how to identify and leverage your unique qualities to find ultimate career success. You'll join a cohort of peers to build relationships, build your professional network, and get peer support and perspective. In between sessions you'll have homework and you'll also be paired with an accountability partner, who you'll meet with for 30 mins every week. The next online group program starts on JANUARY 8, 2020, so act fast because spaces are limited!

In this program you'll learn:

  • How to identify and leverage your unique qualities and experience.

  • Create a career mission and guiding principles that you can rely on for the duration of your career.

  • How to design your job search with strategic planning.

  • How to create a killer resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that articulates your professional brand. 

  • Why networking is probably what's going to land you that dream job, and how to do it well.

  • How to master the mindset of a successful professional.

  • How to overcome the challenges/barriers you keep hitting up against, and change them for good!

One-on-one coaching for former clients: Get spot coaching whenever you need it at a reduced rate.

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