Get Your Career Into Focus

I offer an array of coaching services that give you the tools for success, no matter what stage of career you're in.

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Meet one-on-one with Erin for a set period of time to accomplish your career goals.
Private coaching is perfect for people who need focused support and attention, and are ready to land the career of their dreams and/or advance in their existing career.


This is for professionals who are ready for a career change or upgrade. Together we'll get you clear on your unique assets as a professional and build out a career vision for the short- and long-term. We'll also create a strategic action plan so you know what to do and when, to get results. 


This is for leaders and executives in existing jobs who are ready to increase their effectiveness at work. 

Together, we'll outline leadership goals and outcomes, identify strengths and challenges, and create a strategic action plan so you know what to prioritize and when, to get results. 

My career and leadership coaching services typically focuses on six areas:

1. Goals

We create specific, measurable, actionable and timely goals for you so you know exactly what you are working towards in your career or leadership. This helps us stay focused on what matters most. 

2. Self Discovery

Together we uncover your unique values, strengths and motivations. We'll use various tools to support this discovery, such as Clifton Strengths, DiSC, True Purpose, 360 Leadership Assessment, and more. With this clarity, you will see which jobs and environments leverage your unique qualities and support your success, and which leadership behaviors come natural to you, and where you may need to develop. These tools also help you understand your authentic leadership, whether you're in a formal or informal leadership position, so you amplify what you're best at.

3. Interpretation

Making sense out of all this data is imperative so you understand what all this means and know how to talk about yourself to employers, colleagues, etc. You'll build a personal brand narrative to give you the language that will showcase your authentic and compelling story. You'll also get clear on the specific qualities you need in a position and work environment to thrive.  

4. Mindset (upgrading your operating system)

Most of us have outdated operating systems at work and we don't even realize it. These are deep-held belief systems that keep us from reaching our goals and aspirations. Together, we surface these outdated beliefs and change them to new beliefs that serve your new goals, making way for a powerful transformation of your behaviors, actions, outcomes.

5. Strategic Action Planning

We create a strategic plan to lay out the activities you'll take to reach your goals, including networking and job search. We'll also polish your digital assets such as resume/CV/CL and optimize your LinkedIn profile, prepare for interviews, and work through offer negotiation.  

6. Accountability

I act as your accountability partner to keep you on track, committed, and motivated to keep going until you've reached your goals. ​​

Schedule a free consult to learn more and I'll create a career road map to meet you where you are and where you want to go. 

Support Group


Meet with a small group for a period of time facilitated by Erin, and receive career coaching, support, resources, and networking with other professionals who are ready for a career pivot or upgrade.

Next one begins in January 2022

Career Upgrade Boot Camp 

This group is for motivated professionals who are ready for a career pivot or upgrade.

We’ll meet twice per month for three months as a group via Zoom. Each session is 90 minutes and there  is homework between sessions. You’ll get two private coaching sessions with me throughout the 12 weeks, and be matched with an accountability partner from the group whom you’ll meet with every week to check in on goals.

Here is what we’ll do over the course of the program:

  • Adopt the mindset purposeful professionals use in their career to achieve success and happiness no matter how old you are. 

  • Clarify your key strengths and gifts that set you apart from others, and how to leverage these in your next career move.

  • Create your authentic professional brand narrative and create a career North Star ⭐️ that will guide you in your career pivot and decision making.

  • Polish your resume/CV and Linked In profile to capture your brand, and build networking skills.

  • Build a community of peer support to lean on and learn from.

Schedule a free consult to learn more and I'll create a career road map to meet you where you are and where you want to go.