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Do you feel stuck in your career?

Do you have ambitions to get to the next level but you're not sure how to get there?

Do you feel like you’re meant for something more but don’t know exactly what it is?

Are you confused about what is most important to you in your career and what you do best? 

Maybe you’re not sure of how to leverage your skills and strengths, or  what they even are.

Successful professionals need support. They need coaches, mentors, teachers and peer networks to lean on to further their development and help navigate the inevitable challenges in their career, workplace, or leadership. 

It’s all too common for people to build and develop their careers based on happenstance and extrinsic motivations alone.

Happenstance by way of falling into it, or extrinsic motivations by way of salary, benefits, and geographic location. 

These things are important, but they alone only provide temporary satisfaction, and before you know it, you find yourself right back at square one, wondering why you feel so dissatisfied. This is why so many people after five, 10, 20, or even 30 years into their careers realize:

“Wait is this where I want to be? Is this really the work I should be doing, or am I meant for something more? What if there is a better career out there for me that lights my fire AND brings me financial success?”

Everyone has purpose and a unique blend of talents – and aligning this in one's career is what makes people happy, satsified, and successful for the long run in their careers.

I guide my clients to reflect on who they are, who they want to be, and what get's in their way. When combining this discovery with daily strategic actions that are aligned with their goals, they achieve their career vision and land successful opportunities that bring them purpose and satisfaction. 

This work involves: 

-Inquiry and curiosity about one's values, motivations, skills and talents.

-Commitment to consistent and strategic actions.

-Readiness to surface barriers and challenges, and solve for these. 
-Desire to live big and step into one's power. 

-Resilience, self-acceptance and self-love.

Are you ready to dive in?



Career Coach | Leadership and Team Development Consultant | Strategist | Activator |

Social Justice Advocate | HR Executive | Leadership Expert

I am on a mission to help motivated professionals discover and land jobs and careers they love, just by being themselves. Through my results-focused process, I guide my clients to clarify what they do best and what is most important to them, create an inspiring career vision for themselves, craft and leverage an authentic and compelling professional brand, and develop a strategic job search action plan. I use a psychotherapeutic approach to eliminate the head trash that continues to hold them back.

I teach my clients how to network like a pro, interview to get multiple offers, and negotiate for the salaries and benefits they deserve. 

This unique approach is the inflection point that lead my clients to transformational results in the short- and long-term. 

I work with professionals who are ready for a career change, pivot, or realignment; need help with setting thoughtful and strategic short- and long-term career goals; and professionals ready to improve their performance or leadership.

I am also a leadership and team development consultant for well-known national and international private, public, and nonprofit organizations, and a former human resources executive and organizational development, culture, and program director.

I know without a doubt every professional has a career purpose, and it is actually quite simple to surface (though not simplistic).

After working with me, my clients land jobs and careers they love, increase their earnings, and enhance their overall quality of life. They increase their confidence and are able to step into their power – as a professional - more fully.

Working with me is an investment in yourself and the return is one that will keep giving back for the rest of your life.

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"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into every heart."




Happy clients


Clair S. (Portland)

Erin's insight, intuition, and coaching style led me on an exciting and unanticipated journey. She quickly established a safe environment with her keen listening, insightful observations, and sincere respect/appreciation for the unique value we each bring. Erin facilitated fascinating discovery sessions based on the worthwhile tools/exercises that were assigned as foundational work.  I appreciated the structure of the tools mixed with her flexibility to address what emerged as most relevant in each one-on-one. Thanks to Erin, I have a much clearer path of how to contribute to the world in a more impactful way.