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Do you feel stuck in your career?

Do you have ambitions to get to the next level but you're not sure how to get there?

Do you feel like you’re meant for something more but don’t know exactly what it is?

Are you confused about what is most important to you in your career and what you do best? 

Or maybe you're not convinced you can have a job you love and also make the money you desire? ​

I hear these comments from professionals all the time, and I have certainly felt them myself. 

It is painful to want something more from your career but not sure how to get it. 

But the good news is, this is 100% solvable. 

You can have clarity and confidence in where you're heading in your career, and a job that brings you satisfaction and purpose AND makes you the money you desire. 

How do I know? 

Because the hundreds of people I coach every year have proven it is absolutely possible, and in fact, easier than any of them thought. 

Bottom line: successful professionals need support. They need coaches, mentors, teachers, and peer networks to lean on to further their development and help navigate the inevitable challenges in their career, workplace, or leadership. 

It’s all too common for people to build and develop their careers based on happenstance and extrinsic motivations alone.

Happenstance by way of falling into it, or extrinsic motivations by way of salary, benefits, and geographic location. 

These things are important, but they alone only provide temporary satisfaction, and before you know it, you find yourself right back at square one, wondering why you feel so dissatisfied. This is why so many people after five, 10, 20, or even 30 years into their careers realize:

“Wait is this where I want to be?"

"Is this really the work I should be doing, or am I meant for something more?"

"What do I want in my career, I don't even know anymore." 

Everyone has a unique blend of gifts and talents – and aligning this in one's career is what makes people happy, satisfied, and successful for the long run.

I guide my clients to reflect on who they are, who they want to be, and what get's in their way. When combining this discovery with daily strategic actions that are aligned with their goals, they achieve their career vision and land successful opportunities that bring them purpose and satisfaction. 

So are you finally ready for a career that motivates you, satisfies you, and makes you the money you desire? 

Your just one call away! Schedule a free consult with me and I'll create a custom road map based on where you are and where you want to go. 



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Career and Leadership Coach | Former HR Executive | Recruiter | Leadership Expert 

Organizational Development | Social Impact 

I am on a mission to help motivated professionals discover and land jobs and careers they love, just by being themselves. Through my results-focused process, I guide my clients to clarify what they do best and what is most important to them, create an inspiring career vision for themselves, craft and leverage an authentic and compelling professional brand, and develop a strategic job search action plan. I use a psychotherapeutic approach to eliminate the head trash that continues to hold them back.

I teach my clients how to network like a pro, interview to get multiple offers, and negotiate for the salaries and benefits they deserve. 

This unique approach is the inflection point that lead my clients to transformational results in the short- and long-term. 

I work with professionals who are ready for a career change, pivot, or realignment; need help with setting thoughtful and strategic short- and long-term career goals; and professionals ready to improve their performance or leadership.

I am also a leadership and team development consultant for well-known national and international private, public, and nonprofit organizations, and a former human resources executive and organizational development, culture, and program director.

I know without a doubt every professional has a career purpose, and it is actually quite simple to surface (though not simplistic).

After working with me, my clients land jobs and careers they love, increase their earnings, and enhance their overall quality of life. They increase their confidence and are able to step into their power – as a professional - more fully.

Working with me is an investment in yourself and the return is one that will keep giving back for the rest of your life.





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"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into every heart."




Erin's insight, intuition, and coaching style led me on an exciting and unanticipated journey. She quickly established a safe environment with her keen listening, insightful observations, and sincere respect/appreciation for the unique value we each bring. Erin facilitated fascinating discovery sessions based on the worthwhile tools/exercises that were assigned as foundational work.  I appreciated the structure of the tools mixed with her flexibility to address what emerged as most relevant in each one-on-one. Thanks to Erin, I have a much clearer path of how to contribute to the world in a more impactful way.

Clair S. (Portland)

Erin was everything I wanted in a career coach.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about career development, she is a very authentic person, who is deeply committed to helping people realize their potential. Erin connected with me in a way that made me feel respected for my abilities. I felt that she wanted me to be completely fulfilled and to have the opportunity to grow in my work.
In addition to her vision and passion, Erin has a powerful and practical method for helping her clients identify their core assets. She guides you in the difficult task of putting all these together into your own unique professional narrative, which then becomes your brand. The brand you develop with Erin’s guidance is indispensable for communicating what you have to offer to employers and for crafting your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile. Erin has a deep understanding of what it takes to find your calling and believe in yourself. And with her detailed knowledge of the current hiring environment, she has the ability to guide you every step of the way.

Elaine E. (Edmonton, Canada)

Erin's approach was based on my personal needs and experiences, and she shaped our work to focus on those areas. I went into my 6 sessions hoping to simply develop the tools to get my next job and left with a deeper understanding of my skills, motivations, priorities, and a strategy for building a career that supports my whole, balanced life. Erin's coaching is about so much more than finding a job or changing careers - it's about exploring possibilities and getting out of your own way.

Katy H. (Seattle)

Erin is a talented coach! She helped me identify my values, strengths, motivations, and the beliefs that were getting in my way. With this clarity, I became a more effective leader in my job, my organization, and my overall life. Because of Erin, I have a clear and articulated professional identity and brand that is true to who I am and that I am proud of. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who is seeking clarity and advancement in their career and leadership.

Claire G. (Seattle)

For coaching, you need someone who asks the right questions and has the tools to take you through a self-discovery process. Erin is perfect for both! When working with her, it was obvious she has the knack needed to help you get where you want to go.

Anbar M. (Seattle)

 I reached out to Erin at a time when I felt stuck and wasn't quite sure where I was headed next. With her guidance, I was able to gain a better understanding of myself and what drives me. I now can articulate my values, feel confident in my strengths, and have a brighter perspective on my future!

Sean W. (Seattle)

Erin is brilliant! Each coaching session helped me road map how to advance my career. As a woman of color in a field that is predominantly white, Erin's perceptiveness towards the nuances of my challenges and the opportunities before me, was invaluable.

Tiffany C. (Seattle)

After coaching with Erin for about a month, I was offered a new job. I've never been good at negotiating and in the past have accepted offers without negotiating. Because of Erin's guidance though, I thought long and hard about what I needed as far as salary and benefits, and then prepped my negotiation based on what I learned from Erin. I asked for exactly what I wanted: the role & responsibilities, the flexibility in work schedule, and I asked for compensation that I thought would be more than generous. The hiring manager gave me EVERYTHING I asked for. I couldn't believe it! I have been feeling so empowered and jazzed about work ever since.

FH (Seattle)

Erin is a phenomenal coach. Her sessions have had a wonderfully positive impact on my career, and life in general.

From the beginning, Erin set clear expectations about how our sessions would run and my role in setting goals and following through with my decisions. She was able to help me articulate my core values and big-picture goals so that I was able to use those as a barometer for career decisions and the transition that I ultimately made.

I appreciated that Erin held me accountable to my plan and action items. She asked great questions and used interesting exercises to help me frame or unpack the issues challenging me. And throughout the sessions, she helped me identify the situations when I'm at my best, and how to bring my best self to each moment of the day. Her holistic approach also meant that I could bring lessons learned into my personal relationships.

Erin's prompts and astute insights allowed me to identify limited thinking and to  recognize my strengths. I now have different models of decision making and self-reflection, which help me avoid negative patterns of behaviour and make me feel confident and focused on my true path.

Erin is cheerful, friendly, fun, and supportive. She provided a safe place to discuss career hang ups and aspirations. I really recommend her wholeheartedly. These sessions were the best investment in my professional development. I am truly thankful.

Monique S. (Vancouver, Canada)

Erin is truly an inspiration and an all around amazing human. She is a natural divine coach of the soul.

Wendy P. (New Jersey)

I appreciate all of Erin's support and guidance over the past four months. 
Her confidence, positivity and professionalism brought a new spark of light into my life …I mean it!

DJ (New York City)

Hands down the best investment I've ever made in myself and my career. If you are struggling in your career, hire Erin ASAP. She is worth every penny and more!

Shikala V. (Los Angeles)

Coaching with Erin helped me make incredibly positive changes in my career. I am now working the bulk of my time in the field of my dreams or ESG/corporate social and environmental responsibility (after working my entire career in project management). I am learning incredible new things everyday (which is my jam it turns out) and actually working on projects and solutions that align with my personal ideologies, goals and innate personality.  I have been inspired to apply to grad school in my new field and have started acquiring useful career certifications along the way.  I feel challenged, inspired, even joy working now and this is all thanks to Erin.  In fact, my one and only regret is not having hired her sooner.

Cathy S. (San Diego)

Erin's guidance is very enlightening and she helped me to begin the work I needed to do to move forward with my career goals. She's very patient and nonjudgmental. She also has the education and life experiences to backup what she's telling you. When conducting sessions, I never felt rushed to beat the clock or wondered if the time was worth the money. The information and support given was priceless. Highly recommend for anyone who needs help with reaching their goals.

Jonnique C. (Alabama)